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    Aldine CA's Strategic Management A Complete Reference (SM) for CA Inter ( IPCC) May Exam by Dinesh Madan. by Dinesh Madan. No i did not score an exemption but i was able to score in my ITSM exam by only reading SM and IT books from Dinesh Madaan sir. How can I get an exemption in the CA IPCC ITSM? Is the Manish Valecha book good for CA IPCC ITSM?. Dinesh Madan Books - download Dinesh Madan Books at India's Best Online Shopping Store. Check Price in India and Shop Online. ✓ Free Shipping ✓ Cash on.

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    Dinesh Madan Itsm Book

    %. CCH CA IPCC Combo All 7 Books Full Set G Sekar B Saravana Prasath Complete Reference Information Technology Dinesh Madan Dinesh Madan. DINESH MADAN Books on Law and Business in India - Jain Book Depot, Delhi based book store for all your books related needs. JBD provides variety in law. Get Dinesh Madan IT Book / Notes / Study Material for CA IPCC & ICWA / CMA Inter from online. In previous post we have given Padhuka Audit.

    Let me admit that I have never prepared IT SM subject for exam but still an attempt has been made to suggest some general tips and tricks to handle this paper. Indeed IT SM is a crucial paper and it is difficult for students to get away with this paper without proper preparation and conceptual knowledge. I am sure this brief write up would be of some help as November exams are approaching and it is high time for us to start preparation for November exams and clear our doubts w. Please find below some general points which the help of which you can make your IT SM preparation a success. Well this is my personal belief. First of all understand that IT SM is not a very tuff subject and with proper guidance and planning it can be handled easily. I know IT SM is not in the list of your favourite subject and it is not possible to make it your favourite subject in a day. You know everything is possible in life. I will try my best to share some relevant IT SM tips. Many successful students have shared their opinion that ICAI study material is best for exam preparation and for fetching good marks.

    So please take note of this fact. With Conceptual understanding one can easily understand the practical questions and solve them easily.

    I would also suggest you one strategy that a heavy topic should be followed by a small topic. In other words after completing a heavy chapter, start a small and easy chapter. This will help you to retain concepts for a longer period and avoid mixing up of concepts. In case of poor revision, it would be difficult for you to recall ITSM concepts and formulas in exam hall. If you fail to revise, your ITSM paper would be a complete disaster. So beware about the same.

    Hence after completing all the chapters revise all of them one by one in the same order in which you have made first reading.

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    You may prepare short notes of ITSM in your own language and revise them regularly. Also discuss important and crucial topics within your friend circle to ensure better grip on the topic and chapter. It was posted by someone on Facebook. So do this first. Prepare flowchart and Decision table as marks covered are 8 to For a good grip in this part, do all illustrations from module and questions of Practice Manual. After that prepare Internet and Other Technology.

    Many topics also easy under this chapter and scoring also. So do it properly. So try to cover as much as you can.

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    Now just check the definitions asked in past exams from practice manual and RTPs, and from module too. Start SM preparation from last chapter to first chapter. From Practice Manual its quite easy to read topics as they are given question format rather than paragraphs as given in modules. And generally questions get repeated, so prepare those questions thoroughly and you will definitely score in subjects.

    Now start reading from Chapter 7. You can read from module as its language is easy. So better to go through that. And there are sometime 4 marks filling the blanks, so for it, just go through the quotation given before starting the chapter.

    Just go through past papers, you will find those one liners in the form of filling the blanks. It is really important to classify less relevant portion of your study. I would suggest you to refer Scanner to figure out the portion of ITSM subject which is least important from exam point of view.

    This will help you to save time and energy. It involves continuous planning, continuous testing, continuous integration, and other forms of continuous evolution of both the project and the software. It is a lightweight especially compared to traditional waterfall-style processes , and inherently adaptable. As important, it focuses on empowering people to collaborate and make decisions together quickly and effectively.

    Some of the popular Agile Methodologies are: Scrum, FDD Feature — Driven Development , Crystal and XP Extreme Programming Other Key Additions in this Chapter: The following additions have been introduced in this chapter relative to the previous chapter-2 1 SDLC phases are increased to seven from exiting six phases: SDLC phases have increased to seven from six phases, although the seventh phase introduced as Post Implementation Evaluation is already covered in the sixth phase of existing chapter so I will say other than naming Post Implementation Evaluation as seventh phase there is no addition in this.

    Also, it makes regular review of project development and takes corrective actions accordingly. He is responsible for delivery of project with given time and budgets. He conducts regular review with project leader and team leader for progress of project Project Leader: A project manager may be responsible for many projects at the same instance, but project leader is solely dedicated to particular project.

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    He monitors day-to-day progress of project. They are also responsible for initial debugging and testing of programs. Database Administrators DBA : This person is responsible for creating an efficient and secured database. He is also responsible to monitor the performance of database. Quality Assurance Team: This team sets the standards for development of project and team check the compliance for standards from time-to-time.

    Tester: Tester is a junior level quality assurance person. Tester tests the programs and modules, and prepares the test reports. Domain Specialist: Whenever a project team develops a project which is new to them in terms of application logics, they take the help of domain specialist.