Among the most versatile metal cutting machine tools available, DoALL Vertical Contour metal cutting band saws can cut aluminum, brass, copper, mild steel. | Solutions for ALL Your Sawing Needs. DoALL V. Vertical Contour Saw –. 20 x 13" Rectangular Capacity and 13" Round. Contour Sawing, Continuous Filing and Polishing Your DoALL performs six functions in the precision removal Contour Saws” and is available to DOALL.

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    SET SAW GUIDES AS CLOSE TO WORK AS POSSIBLE. CLOSE BAND Standard Duty. Contour Band Sawing Machines. Models and DOALL. DoAll's wide range of sawing machines include: general purpose saws; vertical contour saws; miter cutting saws; and production power saws with capacities up. DoALL INSTRUCTION MANUAL. INDEX. Page Setting Up the Saw Guides . . Tracking and Tensioning the ATTACHMENTS. Hydraulic Contour Feed.

    History[ edit ] The idea of the bandsaw dates back to at least , when William Newberry received a British patent for the idea, but bandsaws remained impractical largely because of the inability to produce accurate and durable blades using the technology of the day. Nearly 40 years passed before Frenchwoman Anne Paulin Crepin devised a welding technique overcoming this hurdle. She applied for a patent in , and soon afterward sold the right to employ it to manufacturer A. Combining this method with new steel alloys and advanced tempering techniques allowed Perin to create the first modern bandsaw blade. Types[ edit ] Residential and light industry[ edit ] Many workshops in residential garages or basements and in light industry contain small or medium-sized bandsaws that can cut wood, metal, or plastic. Often a general-purpose blade is left in place, although blades optimized for wood or metal can be switched out when volume of use warrants. Most residential and commercial bandsaws are of the vertical type mounted on a bench or a cabinet stand. Portable power tool versions, including cordless models, are also common in recent decades, allowing building contractors to bring them along on the truck to the jobsite. Meat cutting[ edit ] Saws for cutting meat are typically of all stainless steel construction with easy to clean features. The blades either have fine teeth with heat treated tips, or have plain or scalloped knife edges. Metal fabrication shop and machine shop models[ edit ] 19th century wood bandsaw Bandsaws dedicated to industrial metal-cutting use, such as for structural steel in fabrication shops and for bar stock in machine shops , are available in vertical and horizontal designs.


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