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When getting the e-book Mrs Funnybones: She's Just Like You And A Lot Like Me By Twinkle Khanna by on-line, you could read them wherever you are. Yeah . Mrs Funnybones (English) visit the link and order books for yourself. We have a huge collection of books from all genre, you just have to visit website, select the. Discover ideas about Mrs Funnybones Book. Best Free Books Mrs Funnybones [ PDF, ePub, Mobi] by Twinkle Khanna Complete Read Online. Mrs Funnybones.

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Mrs Funny Bones Book Pdf

Mrs Funnybones,Twinkle Khanna,Akshay Khanna de Dubai da” and that a chapter in the book is titled Karan Johar celebrates Karva Chauth. Mrs Funnybones: She's just like You and a lot like Me by Twinkle Khanna. Penguin Books Ltd; August ; ISBN: ; Read online; Title: Mrs . Mrs Funnybones book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Good morning, it's 6 a.m. and I am wide awake because the man of.

A few of these are very funny. A few, okay-okay funny. B Blimey. Several blimeys in the book. Somehow they felt quite wrong in the otherwise pleasing Indian English, with inventive desi inflections see V. C Consider the voice. What is remarkable about this book is that it breaks certain stereotypes. I mean, mommy bloggers across the world have been speaking this bewitching lingo, and totally rocking the discourse on post-feminism and mommyhood for years now. There is nothing new in that. It is the real world. But this — this is Bollywood! The moment we think of Bollywood, even the most fancy free among us seems to tune into a collective brain fug. It is almost as though Bollywood is a foreign country, they do things differently there.

Aug 20, Everybody's talking about Twinkle Khanna's book launch. Aamir Khan lauded Twinkle's ability to insult people.

Twinkle talked about Akshay. Smscaster emarketer 3. Her first book Mrs Funnybones sold over one hundred thousand copies, making her India's highest-selling female writer of She repeated the success with her second book,. Klasse gestalten. Pc 3d animation download Nov 18, movies.

Bundiin tamga naran urgah zugt download firefox Aug 18, Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Mrs Funnybones: She's just like You and a lot like Me. Free Shipping. Cash On. Author: Vumuro. Although I'd got a copy in a steal deal a while ago, I only picked it up now, when I realized I was yet to embark on my India Challenge for this year.

Anyway, it's funny in places, and made for an easy breezy read. Sep 07, Bigsna rated it liked it Shelves: So I just finished Mrs Funnybones today. Infact, I started it this morning and proudly share that I finished it in less than 24 hours too.

That is because at pages, size 12 font, 1. And that makes Mrs Funnybones a perfect read for a two hour flight for an average reader like me. And so for that I must thank Mrs Funnybones herself.

While every review I read is appreciating her self deprecating nature and her manner of presenting everything in a sarcastically light hearted way, there were several instances that made me feel that she was being quite condescending towards common folk.

Maybe elitist would be the right word here. But then maybe that's the honesty everyone is talking about? Twinkle Khanna is definitely a smart, witty, intelligent and very well read person. The book shows that and anyone who reads her columns would see that too. So it got me thinking, had this book been written by a not so famous person would it still be so well received?

I think maybe not, because it is that very reason that makes the idea of the book so interesting. Some of the jokes were not so original, you can predict ends of sentences; and the repeated use of the word 'blimey' didn't lend to the funniness either, though I do understand how she meant to use it at the end of every little mishap that happened on her day.

In essence what I liked was maybe her approach to life, where an irritating situation had something funny to it too. I came away with a picture of a privileged life, bustling with activity, the perks of being a star wife of a very successful actor, loads of travel and the added but natural responsibilities of raising children — which all together built this comfortable alluring world that does look ideal when there is humor and a daft joke thrown in now n then.

View all 5 comments. Its not a book, its a series of monotonous blogs pasted together. Its not that funny, although it 'tries' very hard to appear funny. You'll understand the last line only if you've seen any of her films. If not, go watch Mela and then you'll know! Funnybones is a quick, witty read that humanizes celebrity Life.

Book Review: Twinkle Khanna's 'Mrs Funnybones' is endearing, real and well written

Twinkle Khanna matches her tv show persona in her book with tongue in cheek remarks and colourful opinions. The additional commentary at the beginning of each chapter in the form of scribbles on a notepad are funny reading. Not without some amount of sarcasm. Funnybones is the raw 7am woman of the house who is all efficiency and not necessarily camera ready.

And we know she is the engine of every functioning family car. Aug 20, Sayantan Ghosh rated it liked it. Read with a little bit of curiosity and immense apprehension.

But expectedly what started as a has-been movie star's rants soon became the everyday struggles of an affluent but average woman, mother and wife. She's only occasionally funny, but like that guy in school who's earnestly trying so hard to get noticed that you don't mind.

Nov 25, Nameeta rated it it was ok. So I have seen Twinkle Khanna on certain talk shows and at times it felt like she had no filter and I found her pretty funny. Maybe expecting the same sort of sarcastic dry humor through out the book was a mistake.

Although there are glimpses of it in the book, I found the entire book not very enjoyable. We get a glimpse into the life of a working women juggling her career, mil and husband.

Though this sounds like most women's lives it is definitely not average yearly vacations abroad and servan So I have seen Twinkle Khanna on certain talk shows and at times it felt like she had no filter and I found her pretty funny. Though this sounds like most women's lives it is definitely not average yearly vacations abroad and servants doing most of the work.

Most of the book is about her experiences as a mother, with barely a glimpse of the film industry she belongs to. She doesn't really mention her career much either. The A-Z chapters in the book dint really connect with me.

There is no story progression as such and each chapter dint even feel like a short story. The bits I really liked though were her advice to her son about knowing when it is time to give up, her take on women's empowerment and her thoughts on the whole unbuttoning jeans scandal.

Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna (ebook)

Oct 22, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: It was a fun read. Though some of the gross jokes made me cringe there were parts which made me laugh. I loved the way the author looks at life, marriage and children.

There were some inferences she had drawn from her experiences in life and they were warmly expressed.

Mrs Funnybones

Such a short book and it was a surprise to learn that bollywood actresses think so deeply. A little more of polishing and pruning would have made it better. After some much intense back to back fantasy reading I've done, this was a very light read.

The book reads easy, is funny in places and is like taking a breather. If you're looking for something breezy and a short read, this is for you. Aug 12, Vivek Tejuja rated it it was amazing. Books that take you out of a reading slump are hard to come by. I had n Books that take you out of a reading slump are hard to come by. I had not read any of her columns.

It is hilarious and I cannot stop recommending it enough. I could not stop turning the pages. I could also not stop giggling like a school girl. There is also a lot of profundity in the book without it being too preachy and that is what I loved second best after the humour.

The writing just flows and humour is sometimes obvious and sometimes not, which is what I call, balanced. Whether she is talking about her man Jeeves whom she calls desi Jeeves and that somehow cracked me up to the time she was on a flight to Delhi and had to deal with a mother and her baby who decided that it was potty time on flight and what followed later was just laugh-out-loud and disgusting at the same time, she conjures life as is, without any frills and pretensions.

We need more honest writing like this I guess. My favourite parts were the ones that involved her Mom — how she was made fun of as a child and also of how she keeps getting these emails from her with her baby and teenage picture attachments. It was a laugh riot and at times I could not help but think of what she says about growing up, life, and everything in between. There is something which everyone can relate to — if not house issues, then about the state of the country, issues which she deals with great subtlety and wit.

Like I said, I cannot stop recommending this book to everyone. I will get back to it in bits and parts when I am feeling down and about, so I can laugh and forget what is going on around me, at least temporarily. Mar 04, Book'd rated it really liked it Shelves: I really don't understand why The author Twinkle Khanna went into movies at all. If she would have taken up writing since her debut in films, she would have been an established author by now having a few movies up her sleeve based on her books.

To sum up in short, this book is not a story but a sort of daily diary of a woman, wife and a mother. The way to look at the daily challenges of life is what we should learn from her.

Mrs Funnybones | Twinkle Khanna | Book Review

Ofcourse she is a celebrity and it shows up in her writing but I must s I really don't understand why The author Twinkle Khanna went into movies at all. Ofcourse she is a celebrity and it shows up in her writing but I must say, she is an expert when it comes to hunting humor in every situation. Be cautious if u read while travelling like me, your co passengers may get amused seeing you laughing your hearts out to a book: It's a good book but seems more of something that should be put up on a personal blog involving Twinkle's daily life instances which relate to most of the common Indian housewives, their experiences with their mother-in-laws, kiddos, husband and other routine things.

She surely has witty remarks on different things and pretty cool about some stuff. Still, I felt that it gets boring after some time but yeah, go for it if you need to get over some book hangover!

Mar 19, Makrand rated it liked it Shelves: Twinkle Khanna seems like an absolutely Word-wise, quite frank and impish personality which is reflected in her extremely satirical Mrs Funnybones! I loved to read the rants and musings described in her daily life in the book.

Funnybones isn't just about few incidences in the life of the author but if you come to think of it, more or less, it's a part and parcel of every women's life at least in India.

From parenting to feminism, from handling papparazzi's to Mom-in-Law, from tackling Man in t Twinkle Khanna seems like an absolutely Word-wise, quite frank and impish personality which is reflected in her extremely satirical Mrs Funnybones! From parenting to feminism, from handling papparazzi's to Mom-in-Law, from tackling Man in the house to Karva Chauth, Twinkle treads on various topics quite gracefully!

In these 26 chapters marked A-Z which is unique since she has managed to start every chapter with letter corresponding to the chapter number. So, Chapter 2 is B: Young underdogs! Another unique thing is the way Mr. Along with her satirical writings, i also loved a hint of philosophical writing that Twinkle has added, like this one: I am a misfit here, like most women that enter families which are so different from theirs.

But I keep these thoughts to myself and stay. And for the next few hours, matching all the cousins, step for step, I make my own little place. Will I inhabit this spot in perpetuum?

I am not sure, but right now, with a string of borrowed jasmine flowers wrapped around my bun to mask the smell of yogurt, and my dupatta fluttering in the draught from the creaky air conditioner, I dance to the drumbeats and the night slips away. A Punjabi mother, her son and food form a triad as sacred as Brahma, Mahesh and Vishnu, and cannot be interfered with as I learnt in the early years of my marriage. The husband fetches the architectural plans of the house and comes next to my chair.

He bends over trying to unroll the plans on the table, and the motion dislodges the intestinal gas which till this moment has been probably lying dormant inside his posterior which by the way, is four inches away from my face and lets out a noisy, flatulent missile. I almost choke on the noxious odour but the couple just continue the conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary has just transpired.

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It takes all my years of yoga training to maintain a straight face and I hurriedly finish the meeting. All right, so now I am sitting in an aromatic cloud of shit and Chanel No 5. I don't understand why readers find 'Mrs Funnybones' funny. It wasn't really funny. Though it can be termed as a good satirical laugh but I won't say that my stomach rolled into fits of laughter and my eyes burst with tears while reading this one.

Despite not being into non-fiction, I pre-ordered this book. Thanks to liberty Books in Pakistan, otherwise I wouldn't get my hands on this one quite soon and I don't know for how long I had to wait. Obviously, the curiosity to read a book from a cele I don't understand why readers find 'Mrs Funnybones' funny. Obviously, the curiosity to read a book from a celebrity turned interior designer turned author - Twinkle Khanna daughter of celebrities Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia and wife of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar was always there.

Getting published from Penguin is unchallenging and effortless for a celebrity. They'd soon acknowledge work coming from a celebrity and turn the author into a bestseller overnight. Writers like us have to work hard to achieve this title. Coming back to the book, like I earlier said, it was a good satirical laugh. Twinkle has written the book from her own perspective. She describes the way her life revolves around man of the house, prodigal son, little one and her mothers.

Though I felt bad when Akki kept calling by Man of the house. I mean she could use his name instead. At first I thought the basic idea behind this novel somewhat resembled to Moni Mohsin's Butterfly but I was hence proved wrong when I read it.

The writing style is highly different and of course I would proudly say our Moni writes even better. Her writing style really made me laugh like riot! There were a few chapters which I genuinely liked from Mrs.

Funnybones; especially the ones that ended up giving a strong message. Twinkle hasn't been new to the writing world; she has been writing columns for quite a time which now has compiled in a form of a book. Nonetheless, there's no denying to the fact that Twinkle herself is sassy, sarcastic and downright funny - it reflects highly from her writing. She has a great sense of humor which clearly shows in her book and blogs. I'd like to finish with a note that she is definitely a better author than an actor.

Read it for a refreshing change and relax your brain muscles. View 2 comments. Nov 25, Bookish Devil rated it did not like it. Wish I could Rate it 'Zero Stars'! Twinkle Khanna. There was nothing in the book that made me smile. Din't even make my lips twitch. There wasn't even a story in this book.

It seemed as though she wrote this book while for time pass rather than taking it seriously. Her writing was good. But the story,jokes etc were too bland and pointless. I don't think i should spend I really feel for those who spent their hard earned money in downloading this book: My review might be harsh but that's how i feel!!

Unlike other reviewers, I don't sugarcoat my opinions and feelings about a book. Aug 19, D rated it really liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It didn't really seem as if I was reading. A light read. If you aren't following her tweets then you would definitely find it hard to believe that Twinkle Khanna has a great sense of humor. Let's say dry or like they say British sense of humor.

This book is not about a celeb which she is it's more about being a wife, a mother, a daughter, sister and a sister-in-law. I am sure women with kids would definitely relate to this and go all It happens I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

It happens to celebs as well. Surprisingly, yes as I realized post reading this. Also the fact or let's say a reminder that they are as human as we are. I can now declare her The Ellen Degeneres of India. I wish she comes up with a show soon it was like reading desi Ellen Degeneres So I finally got my hands on Mrs. Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna yesterday, and finished it within 4 hours. Twinkle Khanna is sassy, sarcastic, and downright funny. There's no doubt that she can write really well.

I've been following her on Twitter for quite a while now, and have been a fan of her tweets and columns. The book is not at all like the ones that I usually read, it's more like an extended compilations of her columns.

Mrs So I finally got my hands on Mrs. Funnybones is a refreshing read with a hint of sarcasm and lots of humour! Highly recommended!!

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